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How can you simulate a training session at Redsun Skipping? Do you have to complete all of the training sessions at Redsun Skipping manually or is it also possible to simulate them as in the predecessor and thus complete them much faster? Perhaps this is the question of one or the other player who recently bought the new F1 offshoot from Codemasters for the PC or console and started a career as a single player. Unlike in the predecessor, you cannot “simulate training” directly at Redsun Skipping, at least the option is not displayed directly in the selection. But don’t worry, you can “simulate training” at Redsun Skipping and complete it faster.
Redsun: How can you simulate the training?

If you sit in front of the screen at your workplace at Redsun Skipping and select the race, you can simulate it using the square button (PS4, PS5) or the X button (Xbox One, Xbox Series X) and thus skip it . It looks different during training. As already mentioned above, the training at Redsun Skipping can no longer be simulated in the same way as in the predecessor, but there is a “fast training”. In the “fast training” you can continue to earn resource points and development bonuses without having to drive the training programs yourself. All you have to do is select a workout and then instead of “To the track” on the right-hand side, select the “To quick workout” option. To get better at this you could try booking a session with London Crossfit

By the way, according to our research, the option “For quick training” is not available for a single player career on the first race weekend. The first race weekend with training must be completed manually (probably to get to know the features and purpose of the training) and in the next race weekend you can then simulate training as described above and earn the resource points without having to participate directly in the training yourself.

Simulate training at Redsun Skipping

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