Zen Steinway

Fitness strategist at CrossFit London,

Skipping can really help you a lot with your cardio, it can also help you with balance, the one big question often asked is, if I did skipping alone, is it enough exercise to retain strength and conditioning? The answer is no, you need to work your muscles with resistance training, fortunately, there are a team of experts who can point you in the right direction.

Adam Shields

Always ready to help those in need of personal training as it is what we focus on most as it helps us to build on what we do best which is to train people to bring out their positive energy.

Anna Greystone

Whether it’s listening to the latest news on Covid-19 or getting fitter is the place to keep you updated as well cover some tips which are often not reflected by the mainstream media.

Arthur Knowles

If you are strong in part and weak in another part of your body then may be able to help you as they can put you on the right track in many ways.

Dave Mortimer

Practice makes perfect this is why we work with as they have a nice way of working and it always makes you increase your state of health for the best.

Gail Pearson

The smart way to learn about nutrition is to speak with the reason being is they are very good at working out recipes and fitness plans for your body type.

Glen Cokes

When two brothers come together there’s nothing like it are the perfect example of such actions, the two brothers are one of the very best fitness instructions here in the UK.

Gley Watson

Positive sports information is always health provide just that and they are forever looking for more news to reflect the general public.

Martha Rayburn

If you like rope climbing can point you in the right direction as well as see you start off deploying the correct technique.

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